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      Departure Ports in England, Wales and Scotland

      Ferry and Cruise Ship Routes

      Here's a lengthy list of all the ferry routes and typical cruise ship itineraries in my database.

      Ferry Routes

      OperatorRouteServicesTravel TimePrice
      Dover Calais 15 daily 1½ hoursSee prices
      Dover Dunkirk 12 daily 2 hoursSee prices
      Newcastle Amsterdam (via Ijmuiden) 1 daily 15½ hoursSee prices
      Newhaven Dieppe 3 daily 4 hoursSee prices
      Birkenhead Belfast 13 weekly 8 hoursSee prices
      Cairnryan Larne 7 daily 2 hoursSee prices
      Cairnryan Belfast 5 daily 2¼ hoursSee prices
      Dover Calais 21 daily 1½ hoursSee prices
      Fishguard Rosslare 2 daily 3¼ hoursSee prices
      Harwich Hook of Holland 2 daily 6½ hoursSee prices
      Holyhead Dublin 4 daily 2 hoursSee prices
      Holyhead Dublin 4 daily 3¼ hoursSee prices
      Hull Rotterdam 1 daily 10¾ hoursSee prices
      Hull Amsterdam (via Rotterdam) 1 daily 10¾ hoursSee prices
      Hull Bruges (via Zeebrugge) 1 daily 13¼ hoursSee prices
      Liverpool Dublin 17 weekly 7½ hoursSee prices
      Pembroke Dock Rosslare 2 daily 4 hoursSee prices
      Aberdeen Lerwick 7 weekly 12 hoursSee prices
      Aberdeen Kirkwall 3 weekly 6 hoursSee prices
      Birkenhead Douglas 2 weekly 4¼ hoursSee prices
      Brodick Ardrossan 10 daily 1 hourSee prices
      Campbeltown Ardrossan 3 weekly 2¾ hoursSee prices
      Eriskay Ardmhòr 5 daily ¾ hourSee prices
      Folkestone Calais 47 daily ½ hourSee prices
      Heysham Douglas 13 weekly 3½ hoursSee prices
      Kennacraig Port Askaig 17 weekly 2 hoursSee prices
      Kennacraig Port Ellen 4 daily 2¼ hoursSee prices
      Kirkwall Lerwick 3 weekly 5½ hoursSee prices
      Leverburgh Berneray 4 daily 1 hourSee prices
      Liverpool Douglas 12 weekly 2¾ hoursSee prices
      Lochboisdale Castlebay 5 weekly 1½ hoursSee prices
      Lymington Yarmouth 15 daily ¾ hourSee prices
      Mallaig Armadale 11 daily ½ hourSee prices
      Mallaig Lochboisdale 7 weekly 3½ hoursSee prices
      Oban Castlebay 8 weekly 3¾ hoursSee prices
      Oban Colonsay 7 weekly 2¼ hoursSee prices
      Oban Lismore 4 daily 1 hourSee prices
      Oban Craignure 10 daily ¾ hourSee prices
      Oban Coll 8 weekly 2¼ hoursSee prices
      Oban Tiree 8 weekly 3¼ hoursSee prices
      Oban Lochboisdale 5 weekly 6½ hoursSee prices
      Oban Port Askaig 2 weekly 4 hoursSee prices
      Plymouth Roscoff 10 weekly 5¼ hoursSee prices
      Plymouth St Malo 2 weekly 8¼ hoursSee prices
      Plymouth Santander 1 weekly 19½ hoursSee prices
      Poole Cherbourg 1 daily 4¼ hoursSee prices
      Poole Jersey 1 daily 3¾ hoursSee prices
      Poole Guernsey 1 daily 3 hoursSee prices
      Port Askai Colonsay 2 weekly 1¼ hoursSee prices
      Portsmouth Bilbao 3 weekly 23½ hoursSee prices
      Portsmouth Santander 3 weekly 23½ hoursSee prices
      Portsmouth Caen 3 daily 5¾ hoursSee prices
      Portsmouth Cherbourg 10 weekly 3 hoursSee prices
      Portsmouth Le Havre 1 daily 15½ hoursSee prices
      Portsmouth St Malo 1 daily 8¾ hoursSee prices
      Portsmouth Guernsey 12 weekly 7 hoursSee prices
      Portsmouth Jersey 12 weekly 8½ hoursSee prices
      Portsmouth Cherbourg 1 weekly 5 hoursSee prices
      Portsmouth Fishbourne 30 daily ¾ hourSee prices
      Portsmouth Harbour Ryde 24 daily ½ hourSee prices
      Scrabster Stromness 3 daily 1½ hoursSee prices
      Southsea Ryde 35 daily ¼ hourSee prices
      Tarbert Lochmaddy 3 weekly 1¾ hoursSee prices
      Tarbert (Harris) Uig 11 weekly 1¾ hoursSee prices
      Tiree Coll 7 weekly 1 hourSee prices
      Uig Lochmaddy 12 weekly 1¾ hoursSee prices
      Ullapool Stornoway 3 daily 2½ hoursSee prices
      Penzance St Mary's 7 weekly 2¾ hoursSee prices
      Southampton West Cowes 26 daily ½ hourSee prices
      Southampton East Cowes 19 daily 1 hourSee prices

      This information is for reference purposes only. Journey times are approximate. Frequency is based on typical schedules. Schedules are subject to availability and weather conditions. Information correct at the time of writing.

      Taster Cruise Ship Itineraries

      Cruise lineTypical itineraryPrices
      Southampton Ports such as Guernsey; Amsterdam; Zeebrugge; Le Havre; Hamburg; BilbaoSee prices
      Southampton; Dover; Falmouth; Harwich; Liverpool; Newcastle; Tilbury; Rosyth; Greenock Ports such as Rouen; Honfleur; Cobh; Dublin; BelfastSee prices
      Southampton; Dover; Portsmouth Ports such as Cherbourg; Guernsey; Le Havre; Amsterdam; Zeebrugge; Bremerhaven; Rouen; Guernsey; BrestSee prices
      Southampton Ports such as Le HavreSee prices
      Southampton; Harwich Ports such as Zeebrugge; Le Havre; Cherbourg; BilbaoSee prices
      Southampton; Newcastle Ports such as Norway; Amsterdam; ZeebruggeSee prices
      Southampton Ports such as Guernsey; Hamburg; Zeebrugge; Le Havre; Amsterdam; Rotterdam; CherbourgSee prices
      Southampton Ports such as GuernseySee prices

      This information is for reference purposes only. Information correct at the time of writing.

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