Cruises to Rouen, France

Rouen is located on the famous River Seine in northern France, and is the capital of Normandy.

Back in the 11th to 15th centuries Rouen was a major financial area and was where both France and England were ruled for a time. Although it is less central to France’s government today, it is still a well loved and much visited city.

Rouen’s Cathedral Notre-Dame is a prime example of the Gothic style, and it is open to visitors all year round. This is a building that many people travel to Rouen specifically to see and it’s not hard to see exactly why – it is stunning, magnificent and utterly impressive.

If history and architecture are your interests then you should certainly pay a visit to Vieux Rouen. Vieux Rouen means ‘old Rouen’ and this is where you can see the beautiful ancient buildings from as far back as the Middle Ages that still stand today.

The Musee des Beaux-Arts de Rouen is a large museum of arts that represents many famous artists as well as different artistic styles. You can spend an entire day here, as there are also lovely gardens to enjoy, as well as the building itself. Speaking of gardens, the wonderful Jardin des Plantes is a tranquil, peaceful place to spend some time.

Cruises to Rouen

Ferry Routes

Sorry, no ferry routes can be found to Rouen.

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Cruise lineTypical itineraryPrices
Southampton; Dover; Falmouth; Harwich; Liverpool; Newcastle; Tilbury; Rosyth; Greenock Ports such as RouenSee prices °
Southampton; Dover; Portsmouth Ports such as RouenSee prices °
Tilbury; Newcastle; Greenock; Liverpool; Avonmouth; Hull; Portsmouth Ports such as RouenSee prices

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