5 Unusual Museums in Bruges

Wander off the beaten path and discover a different side of the medieval city Bruges.


Bruges is an architectural and historical Mecca for everyone and anyone interested in the past, whether it’s how people lived, what they looked like, or why buildings were built there in the first place.

And for museum lovers there are many fascinating places to visit when you are staying in Bruges, including museums full of paintings, tapestries, furniture, sculpture, and more. Much more.

Because, along with the usual suspects in the fields of art and anthropology, there are some pretty weird and wonderful museums in Bruges too.


Take the Frietmuseum for instance. It is exactly how it sounds – a museum dedicated to chips. But these are not just any chips; these are Belgian fries, which are not to be confused with French fries if you can help it! Oddly enough, this is the world’s first (and only) museum dedicated to the humble friend potato.

The fact that this museum is so popular with tourists and locals alike seems to point towards the fact that there should be more of these places, but right now, for chip enthusiasts, it has to be a trip to Bruges to really get an insight into the origin of the Belgian fry. There is 10,000 years’ worth of chip history here, all housed in the most beautiful of buildings.


The Diamantmuseum may be a strange sounding place, but in reality it is stunning, and literally filled to the brim with sparkling diamonds. Not just a girl’s best friend any more, diamonds get along with everyone, and it is worth stopping by this museum to discover how and when diamonds were first used in jewellery, where they are mined, and how big the biggest ever diamond really was. There is a lot of information packed into a one-subject museum.


Belgium is famous around the world for its chocolate, so perhaps it is no surprise that there is a museum dedicated to the stuff. Choco-Story charts the history of chocolate across the centuries, and has a number of experts of hand for you to ask your chocolate related questions of.

Try a tasting and, if you really want to get your hands dirty, why not get involved in one of the many chocolate making workshops available?

Lamp Museum

We all knowing domestic lighting is important, and we all use it, but did you know there is an entire museum dedicated to it in Bruges? The Lamp Museum consists of over 6,000 different items (lamps, bulbs, torches, and more), as well as information about the history surrounding them.

It is even possible to buy lamps in the gift shop. These are often one of a kind pieces of domestic lighting that have been specifically authenticated by the museum itself – if you see something you like it may well be worth buying it… once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Sound Factory

Although the Sound Factory may not be a museum in the strictest sense of the word, it is still definitely an interesting – and unusual – place to visit. As you move around the space you will discover fascinating sound installations including the Klankentoren (the Tower of Sound), the Cybercorner, and the Refrakt, an audiovisual installation. Everything is interactive and exciting, so have fun with this one!

Explore these museums for yourself on a mini cruise to Bruges.

(Photo credit to David Fiske)


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