Typical bar and restaurant prices on DFDS

Want to know how much money to budget for food and drink on-board a DFDS ferry?


A common question by fellow passengers researching a mini cruise holiday is how expensive are the bar prices and meals on-board the DFDS ferries?

Here are some prices from when I sailed with DFDS from Newcastle to Amsterdam.

Generally speaking, the on-board price of meals on the Newcastle to Amsterdam route is calculated based on a Euro to Great British Pound exchange rate.

Blue Riband

As a guide, a three course meal in the Blue Riband a la carte restaurant costs around £31.20 on the Newcastle to Amsterdam route if pre-booked (around €39.50 on-board).

Explorers Steakhouse

If a steak dinner is on the cards, then a two course meal in the Explorers Steakhouse costs around £29.50 on the Newcastle to Amsterdam route if pre-booked (around €34.95 on-board).

7 Seas Buffet

The 7 Seas restaurant offers a buffet dining option and costs around £21.99 on the Newcastle to Amsterdam route if pre-booked (around €34.50 on-board).

Children can eat for half price too on certain routes.

Breakfast Buffet

A breakfast buffet is available to guests in the morning and costs around £9.99 on the Newcastle to Amsterdam route if pre-booked (around €14.90 on-board).

Breakfast and dinner meals can be reserved at the time of booking with the benefit of pre-booking being that there is often a saving that can be made versus the on-board price. Some pre-booked meals can be up to 25% cheaper online than on-board.

Bake 'n Coffee Café

The cafes on-board DFDS Seaways ferries serve a selection of light refreshments, snacks and light meals throughout the day.

Our guide prices are based on the Newcastle to Amsterdam route and are priced in Euros. As a guide, soft drinks start from around €2.20. Beers start from around €3.40.
A wide range of coffees start from around €2.60 a cup and a selection of gourmet coffees are available at Bake 'n Coffee. Light snacks include croissants, scones and muffins starting from around €2.80.

For dinner, you can grab a light meal from a range including rolls, baguettes and bagels. Prices start from around €7. A selection of hot pub-style dishes are available starting from around €14.50.

Bar Prices

We've got approximate prices of a wide range of drinks on both the Newcastle to Amsterdam and the Harwich to Esbjerg routes and have compressed them into a smaller, more readable guide!
Prices are approximate as a wide range of beverages are available and should be used indicatively only.

On the Amsterdam route, cocktails start from around €6.50. Shots of spirits and liqueurs start at around €4.50.
A range of bottled or canned beers, stouts, ales, bitters and ciders are available from around €3.75 with draught beer starting at around €2.75. Wines start at around €5.25 a glass.

A selection of non-alcoholic cocktails and soft drinks are available starting from around €3.50

Important: Prices were accurate as of September 2013 but may have changed since then. They are listed above solely as a guide.

Please visit the DFDS website for the latest prices and to pre-book restaurant meals where applicable°.

Confused? Unsure? Got questions? If I can help I will! I've sailed on ferry mini cruises and taster cruise ship holidays so I know what to expect on such holidays. Get in touch and I will try my best to help you out.
(Photo credit to David Fiske)

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  1. What are your pouring sizes of drinks?
    England and Denmark traditionally have different local sizes. England having 3.5 CL and Denmark having 4 CL??

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