5 Things in 5 Hours in Amsterdam

Ideal for those heading to Amsterdam on a mini cruise short break, here are five things you can do in five hou

Anne Frank Museum

If you only have five hours to enjoy the fantastic and exciting sights and sounds of Amsterdam, don’t worry; there are still some amazing places to visit and interesting, unique things to see.

Whether you enjoy being a typical tourist, or you want something a little out of the ordinary, it’s all here for you.

As mini cruises to Amsterdam typically offer in the region of five hours in the city I thought it would be really fun to put together a "5 things in 5 hours in Amsterdam" list with some ideas on what you could get up to during a short break.

1) Visit the Anne Frank Museum

It would be hard to visit Amsterdam and not realise that this is where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis during World War II. The city is proud of the fact that its inhabitants tried to save this brave family, and the museum (which is actually the house in which Anne, her parents (Otto and Edith), and sister (Margot), hid), is testament to that fact.

The museum tries to show what life was like for Jews during World War II, and a heart breaking yet fascinating place to visit.

2) Enjoy a Bike Ride

Amsterdam is as famous for its bike riding citizens as it is for its history, and so while you’re there you may as well join in! Hiring a bike is simple, and there are plenty of kiosks and shops that will not only take your money, but will give you a safety briefing and maps as well (always useful).

And then you’re off, cycling along the beautiful Dutch streets, admiring the architecture and the canals. It’s good exercise, and it’s also good fun, and certainly not something you want to miss in your limited time in Amsterdam.

3) Take a Canal Cruise

There are canal cruises that take just one hour, but that let you see as much of Amsterdam as you possibly can during that time. Amsterdam’s canals are world famous, and so opting to travel along one for part of your time is the city is a great choice.

From the water you can see the Westerkerk, the Anne Frank house, the narrowest building in Amsterdam, and plenty more besides. These tours are very reasonably priced, and include an audio guide so that you don’t miss a thing on your trip.

4) Browse the Amsterdam Museum

When you only have a limited number of hours to explore a new city, it is always worth visiting a place like this. The Amsterdam Museum condenses the entire history of Amsterdam into an enjoyable, interesting, and ultimately impressive exhibition that charts everything from the Middle Ages onwards.

With sections dedicated to art, music, culture, and the out of the ordinary (including the Red Light District and marijuana), there is nothing you can’t learn about Amsterdam by visiting the Amsterdam Museum.

There are also often additional exhibitions that have short runs, and change from month to month, so it depends on when you visit as to what you might see and learn here.

5) Check out the Flower Market

Fragrant and stunning, the famous Amsterdam flower market is a sight to behold. With blooms stretching as far as the eye can see, and the scents filling the air beautifully, there is nothing else quite like it. As an added bonus, this flower market is the only floating market in the world, since it is set up on barges on the Singel canal!

Here you can buy flowers (of course), and also bulbs so you can grow your own blooms at home. Make your choice between tulips (the national flower of Holland), narcissus, and plenty of others. And at Christmas you can even purchase a stunning Christmas tree here!

Create your own 'five things in five hours' list on a mini cruise to Amsterdam.


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