5 unusual things you can do in Amsterdam

Looking for something unusual you can do in Amsterdam? Here are some great suggestions!


Amsterdam is a one off – there truly is nowhere else like it in the world.

And that makes it an exciting and fascinating place to visit. Of course, there are the usual tourist attractions that everyone heads for (not to say they’re not worth it – they are, especially Anne Frank’s House and the Rembrandt Museum) but if you’re looking for something with a different spin on it, there is plenty else to enjoy.

Here are some unusual things you can do in Amsterdam.


Ctaste is a restaurant that consistently scores highly with its patrons when it comes to the quality of the food, the intriguing menu, and the staff. But that’s not why it is on this list – the difference with Ctaste is that you dine in the dark. In the complete dark. It’s quite an experience.

When you arrive you will be escorted to your seat in the pitch black dining room after which you will be served a set menu. When you are finished, you will be taken out into the lit lounge where your waiter or waitress will guide you through what you have just eaten. Did you guess?

Using your other senses, it’s incredible how different food can taste when you can’t see it. If you want something really special, why not attend an ice cream tasting, or try the four course Sunday brunch?


In just under an hour, you can walk through the entire human body, feeling as though you’ve been shrunk in some crazy science fiction movie. Along with an audio tour, you can explore the insides of a person at Corpus like never before, and you’ll learn all about exactly what makes us tick.

This huge and interactive attraction begins at the knee and ends at the brain, and is certainly not something you can do every day!

Afterwards, you can continue to find out more about the human body through the interactive displays. And for when you’ve done enough learning and need something to sustain your own body, there are cafes on site too.

Sex Museum

Amsterdam is famous for having a legal and well used Red Light District, but did you know that there is also a museum dedicated to sex? The Sex Museum tells the story of sexual awakenings through the ages, and is at once both interesting and amusing (just as it should be).

This is the oldest sex museum in the world (yes, there are others!), and it is full of paintings, sculptures, toys, recordings, photos, and exhibits. If it’s erotic, it’s here. The Sex Museum is quite an eye opener, and would make a great place to visit when you’re in Amsterdam.

Electric Ladyland

Although the name might be confusing, this is not anything to do with the Red Light District Amsterdam is so well known for. Electric Ladyland is in fact a museum of fluorescent art, and the only one in the world as far as anyone knows.

This is a ‘room sized fluorescent environment’ that you can explore at your leisure and then, when you are finished, you can enjoy the art in the Electric Lady Art Galelry upstairs.

Rent A Bike

Renting a bike may not sound that unusual, but in Amsterdam it is a different, fun, and relaxed way to get about the city – now that’s unusual! Hiring a bike in Amsterdam is easy, and can be done at various outlets from tourist information offices to hotels. Find you bike, pay your deposit, and head off to explore the city in the best way possible.

Explore the unusual things to to in Amsterdam yourself on a mini cruise.

(Photo credit to Jared and Corin)


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