How do they repaint a cruise ferry in just 10 days?

Ten days to repaint a cruise ferry sounds impossible - but this video shows it can be done!

Renovating a ferry

I know how long it takes me to paint a room in my house so to do refurbish a massive ferry in just 10 short days sounds incredibly ambitious.

Yet I found this video from DFDS that shows how they repainted an LD Lines vessel into what is now known as Calais Seaways, a vessel that serves the Dover to Calais route (unsurprisingly!).

It's clear to see that to get the remodelling work done in just 10 days there needs to be an awful lot of man (and woman) power behind this project in a dry dock in Poland. This time-lapse video shows the construction work though it's the painting work that impresses us the most. As the biggest biggest visual aspect to the project it's perhaps the most noticeable but the work transforms the ship from what looks quite dated in the beginning to something that looks much more fresh and modern.

She was built in 1991 by the Boelwerf shipyard in Temse, Belgium. Originally built for Regie voor Maritiem Transport of Belgium (known then as Prins Filip), she's been operated under various names by Stena Line (as Stena Royal), what was then P&O Stena Line (as Aquitaine), P&O Ferries (as Pride of Aquitaine), LD Lines (as Norman Spirit and then as Ostend Spirit under the joint venture with TransEuropa Ferries) and most recently DFDS Seaways (as Calais Seaways) following the merger of LD Lines and DFDS Seaways in early 2013.

Discover more about the Calais Seaways ship here °.

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(Photo credit to DFDS)


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